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Use Quotes To Improve Your Life

Theodore Roosevelt was a person with a versatile character. He was an American politician, a soldier, an author and a historian. He served as the President of the USA. A number of the famous Theodore Roosevelt quotes happy birthday images:

•”No one cares how much you know until they know how much you really care.” This Theodore Roosevelt quote gives us quite important messages in our life people are not at all bothered about your understanding or how much do you know unless they are come to understand about your caring nature.

•”Work hard to get good result or you wasted your own time ” This famous quote informs us that we should rather work hard and needs to be ready to exhaust ourselves rather than not trying anything that could eventually lead in the total failure. If we do not believe in working hard we may come across a point where we would not be able to accomplish anything.

•”Courage is not having the strength to proceed; it’s going on when you don’t have the strength.” This quote easy tells us the real courage in life is if we happen to move ahead in our lives without any strength. To move ahead in life without any guts is the real strength of our life.

Quotation for women

•”Ladies Imagination make you fall in love and eventually place desire to get married in a moment.” This famous quote for most girls from Jane Austen informs us about the essence of a girl which moves at a very fast and constant rate. The character of a woman follows a series of changes and one thing leads to another.

•”Well-behaved woman rarely makes history” This famous quote for girls out of Laurel Thatcher is a quotation for woman that informs us quite a lot about the nature of women and says that the majority of the famous women in history were not well behaved.

•”You educate a person; you instruct a man. You instruct a woman; you educate a generation.” This famous quote from Brigham Young informs us about the capacity of a woman. If a girl is educated she could further instruct people that would help in creating a more powerful and more reformed society.

Quotes for greatness

The quotes for greatness actually inspire you in life which is very important.

This famous quote for greatness informs us that there is nothing called good men instead it’s something great when ordinary men and women are forced to do certain things by the effect of nature.

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