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Happiness is a Well Trained Puppy

Enrolling your puppy at a puppy socialization class is ideal and is generally safe.

People are occasionally warned not to take their puppies out in people until they are fully vaccinated for fear that the pup may catch disease. However, times have changed and veterinary behaviorists now recommend that you get pup out and interact him as soon as he’s Available puppies his first round of shots. The risk of lifelong behavioral consequences of not socializing a dog before 16 weeks by far outweigh the small risk that puppy may catch something contagious. Behavioral issues are the number one reason dogs have been euthanized in this country. And many of these issues wouldn’t have introduced from the dog if he was listened in puppyhood.

Only take your pup into controlled surroundings until he is fully vaccinated. Facilities that hold puppy courses are usually sanitized and prepped especially for puppies. Dogs can also be typically separated from routine dog traffic. Dog parks, dog shores and any other environment where dogs can run free ought to be avoided. Quite a few diseases are moved via infected urine and feces so avoid places where pet can accidentally run via pet waste. Pet shops and boutiques are great places to socialize your puppy but take him or place him in a cart, not on the floor, until he is fully vaccinated.

Puppy socialization should start at home. When you first bring your pup home, pay a visit to your vet for a health check. If all is well, start acclimating your pup to the noises, sights and smells of his new surroundings – your home and lawn. Be patient with puppy and remember that he’s never noticed household things such as mirrors, TV’s, a remote controller, etc.. His vision will continue to be fuzzy and his brain and hearing still developing. While you’re introducing puppy into all the items in your home and lawn, strategy a puppy party. Invite everyone you know to your house for a”fulfill my puppy” occasion. After a few days, it is time to introduce pup to the entire world around him and all of the wonders contained within it.

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