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It is well-known that Title IX is targeted at ensuring equality of women athletes using their male counterparts in the many sports. But, there is QQ Online than just the sports; there is play, additional extra curricular activities, band etc..

Thus for the athletic programs, these would be the requirements of Title IX:

* Women and men should have similar opportunities in sports
* Women should get funding/scholarship that is equivalent or in line with their involvement – this can be located at the W omen’s Sports Foundation.
* Women should get similar benefits to men. These include coaching, practice centers, travel and allowance, etc..

Title IX has been designed to encourage equality in sports involving men and women. It is helpful to get some type of equalizing force set up nevertheless, there are many problems with how courts interpret Title IX. Title IX has generated quite a lot of controversy in education, and particularly in sports. There are many instances where Title IX has led to the end of specific school sports teams. It is time to fix the loopholes and illogical fractions of Title IX.

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Please note: generalizations are employed in this article because sport trading trades can differ in character and offerings.

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